Why Treddies?

Research shows that walking and running barefoot, particularly in early childhood, stimulates the nerves and muscles to develop a strong and vital structure in our children’s feet.

Walking barefoot isn’t always an option though. Hot summer concrete can burn little toes, cold tootsies can cause sniffles, and then there are all the nasties that lurk on the ground, like sharp rocks and glass.

Sometimes parenthood is about finding the balance between what is ideal and what it realistic. Conventional shoes, while safe, don’t quite provide that balance – literally, for some little ones.

Treddies contribute to better foot development in children, compared to conventional shoes, by:

  • Allowing for increased nerve stimulation and muscle activation.
  • Promoting the development of stronger bones and connective tissues.
  • Assisting your child in learning to absorb impact on the ground with their own muscles.
  • Helping your child develop more efficient movement patterns and therefore be less prone to lower limb injuries through life.

This isn’t all just marketing mumbo-jumbo either. There is real science behind it:

“Optimum foot development occurs in the barefoot environment... shoe selection for children should be based on the barefoot model”
Paediatrics: Journal of the American Academy of Paediatrics
“…slimmer and more flexible children’s shoes do not change foot motion as much as conventional shoes …. And should be recommended for healthy children”
Gait and Posture Journal
“Small children should have a sports shoe which is as flexible as their own foot…… there is a growing necessity for adequate mechanical stimuli to help the muscles and bones develop”
Foot and Ankle Surgery Journal

So, why Treddies? Because Treddies shoe socks are designed with your child’s growth and development in mind, helping them become efficient, healthy and happy little movers.

The best thing you can do for your child’s feet is to have them comfortable and protected, and as close to barefoot as possible.

And all babies and toddlers deserve the best start possible.

For all enquiries please email info@treddies.com