So you would love one day for your children to be good at sport!

They are only very young now and it is way too early them to be playing organised sport or getting coached.... what can you do!

Well the pre sport participation and pre coaching time is considered by many as even more important than the years when they are actually specifically playing a sport. This is when they are developing their balance, body awareness and gross motor skills.   These are the building blocks of all sport skills. Without them and hoping your children will be good at sport is like trying to build a house without putting the slab down first. If kids start playing sport with those building block skills they will learn quicker, enjoy the early experiences in sport more and begin developing a mindset of competence.

So here’s four things you can do to help these building block skills develop you do to help these skills develop:

  1. Space – Be in an open space with you children and if possible with other kids around. The environment is one of the most crucial factors in determining the amount and type of movement young children are performing.
  1. Equipment – Young children most often don’t want to be told how to play or what to play with. So just be subtle and leave things like balls, bats, sticks or mini racquets around and you will find they will start to use them in unique and wonderful ways. Often they will loose interest quickly and return later to use the equipment another way.
  1. Climbing - As often as possible expose them to areas where they can climb. Climbing is the ultimate body awareness and strength activity for young children.  
  1. Spontaneous Play – Play as many incidental and spontaneous games as possible that involve your children moving. Things like hide and seek, jumping on the bed or mimicking animal movements. Whatever pops into your mind and just run with it.

And what shoes should they be doing it in……preferably none. Barefoot is best, but barefoot isn’t always possible so the next best thing are Treddies – Designed in Australia to provide barefoot flexibility.

Stay tuned to the treddies blog for heaps more helpful hints on how you can help your kids be active and healthy little campers….