Give them a world with climbing

From the moment kids can crawl and stand, they can start their climbing journey.  Child development experts agree that climbing is an essential part of a healthy upbringing.

What does climbing do for young kids?

- Climbing builds muscle strength and endurance

- Climbing stresses the cardiovascular system (the heart and lungs)

- Climbing encourages body awareness (kids understanding of their body in their environment)

- Climbing develops proprioception (kids understanding the position of their own body)

- Climbing develops the mind (problem solving, risk analysis and decision making)

In essence, climbing builds their body and mind.  For kids to get the most out of climbing they should be barefoot so all the nerves in their feet are stimulated and feeding information into the body.  It’s not always possible to be completely barefoot.  Often kids’ feet need to be protected.  Footwear that has a thin, flexible and “grippy” sole is best which means kids can still feel their feet.  This means their nerves will be learning to work with their muscles so they can climb like demons.

Treddies….. as close to barefoot as it gets!