What shoes should babies learn to walk in?

The short answer to this question is none.  But of course every parent knows that this not always possible

From about the age of 6 to 7 months babies will start hitting some major milestones that are taking them closer to independent walking.  

At around 7 months babies can begin to walk with help and possibly start combat crawling at around the same time.  At 9 months many babies are crawling and pulling themselves to stand.  Then at 10 months they can start cruising around furniture and by 12 months it is when on average babies start walking independently.  It’s important to keep in mind here that every child’s developmental journey is different and the timeline for these milestones can vary a couple of months either way.

But babies won’t just be doing these things at home.  They’ll be attempting and mastering them everywhere you go.  They are entering a whole new world of exploration and will rarely sit still.  Sometimes barefoot will be just fine, but other times you want to know your baby’s feet are protected or warm in the winter.

What they need is footwear that keeps them as close to barefoot as possible.  Footwear that will allow them to safely and effectively master their milestones and explore new environments.  Footwear that is thin and flexible but protective as well as close fitting and comfortable, not cumbersome shoes where your baby can’t feel their feet.  

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