Welcome to Treddies

Welcome to the first Treddies blog! We are very happy to finally have a product we can share with you and your little monsters.

Treddies were ‘born’ when our first little monster was learning to walk. My husband, with his physiotherapy background, was constantly explaining to me the benefits of kids learning to walk in bare feet (check out Treddies Trends for some cool facts about bare foot walking). However it was the middle of winter when Monster Number One started to explore the world on two feet which meant, safety issues aside, barefoot outside was an even less attractive option than it would have been in the warmer months.  I noticed that Monster Number One stumbled and fell a lot more when I had her in shoes. Similarly when she wore socks indoors, even the ones with the rubber dots, it was like watching a giraffe on ice.  So I went on the hunt for shoes that were both protective and flexible and I couldn’t find anything suitable anywhere. One day, as I watched Monster Number One totter unsteadily on her pins, I was complaining to my husband for the hundredth time about the lack of suitable footwear and he said   ‘why don’t we just design some and get them made?’.  So we did!  Treddies are designed to offer protection while being flexible, affordable, machine washable and cute!  Our first collection is inspired by some of Monster Number One's favourite nursery rhymes and songs.

We hope your little monsters love Treddies as much as we do - www.treddies.com.